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TV Schedule


Syndication is bitchin'!

Plug in your lava lamp, light your incense, and set your VCR!


Upcoming FOX Episodes:

"When The Levee Breaks" (514) *NEW*

~Wednesday, February 12, 8:00pm

With her dad away, Eric sees spending the weekend at Donna's as a trial marriage, but there's one aspect he has never considered. Clerk: Jim Rash. Joanne: Mo Gaffney.

"Whole Lotta Love" (515) *NEW*

~Wednesday, February 19, 8:00pm

A  beaut of a tirade follows when Red (Kurtwood Smith) learns of Eric and Donna's engagement.

The episode opens with Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Donna's father, Bob (Don Stark), witnessing the scene. Although Red proclaims that "...yelling's the only part of being a father I enjoy," Kitty forbids him to holler, fearing it will drive their son away. Instead, he subjects Eric to the silent treatment, and that leaves Donna to plead the couple's case to the disapproving dad. Meanwhile, Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) loses his virginity to his DMV supervisor (Joanna Canton); and Kelso tries to stir things up between Jackie and Hyde by giving his ex a pricey birthday present.

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Upcoming TV Apearances:
The show times listed are in Eastern Standard Time. Movie channels (HBO, Cinemax, ect.) and Pay-Per-View are excluded in listings.

Danny Masterson~ "Cybill"

~Friday, February 7, 6:00pm (OXYGEN)

~Saturday, February 8, 12:30am (OXYGEN)

"The Love of Her Life"

Cybill is reunited with a man (Peter Coyote) she once loved. Maryann: Christine Baranski. Ira: Alan Rosenberg. Justin: Danny Masterson. Zoey: Alicia Witt. Cybill: Cybill Shepherd.

Danny Masterson~ "Beethoven's 2nd"

~Saturday, February 8, 1:00pm (USA)

~Monday, February 10, 11:00am (USA)

The Newtons and their St. Bernard return for a sequel in which the canine experiences puppy love for a neighborhood pooch. Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt. Ryce: Nicholle Tom. Ted: Christopher Castile. Emily: Sarah Rose Karr. Regina: Debi Mazar. Directed by Rod Daniel ("K-9").

Kurtwood Smith~ "Gary & Mike"

~Monday, February 10, 1:00am (Comedy Central)

~Thursday, February 13, 2:30am (Comedy Central)

"Dawn of a New Millennium"

Debut: This stop-motion animation comedy, which was originally written to be a live-action series, follows the adventures of two twentysomething friends as they explore the U.S.

In the humorous opener, straitlaced Gary (voiced by Christopher Moynihan) plans to follow the trail blazed by Lewis and Clark. But his travels take him a mere three blocks before his clueless pal Mike (Harland Williams) hitches a ride while fleeing from a police officer (Kurtwood Smith) who's angry about a rendezvous Mike had with his engaged daughter.

Danny Masterson~ "Cybill"

~Monday, February 17, 8:00am (OXYGEN)

"Fine Is Not a Feeling"

When Maryann is unable to talk to Justin about his decision to take a job in San Francisco, Cybill suggests that they see a therapist (Rondi Reed). Justin: Danny Masterson. Lacy: Stacy Keanan. Maryann: Christine Baranski. Zoey: Alicia Witt.

Laura Prepon~ "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

~Late Tuesday, February 18/ Early Wednesday, February 19, 12:35am

Christopher Walken; Laura Prepon.

Debra Jo Rupp~ "Friends"

~Wednesday, February 19 (Syndicated- Check local listings for time and channel)

"The One with Phoebe's Uterus"

In lieu of a gift, newlyweds Frank Jr. and Alice (Giovanni Ribisi, Debra Jo Rupp) ask Phoebe to be a surrogate mother for their child; Ross breaks an unwritten rule at the museum. Phoebe: Lisa Kudrow. Phoebe Sr.: Teri Garr. Ross: David Schwimmer.

Debra Jo Rupp~ "Reasons of the Heart"

~Wednesday, February 19, 9:00pm (Lifetime)

Small-town gossip and dark secrets deter a book editor (Terry Farrell) searching for her parents, until she wins the help---and heart---of a reclusive novelist (Jim Davidson). Celia: Mimi Kennedy. Drew: Leon Russom. Viv: Debra Jo Rupp. Lily: Gloria Dorson.

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